Availing Crypto Currency across the globe

Availing Crypto Currency across the globe

It is on the lips of the public. Day in day out Bitcoin a major currency hit the news heads. Creating a signal that crypto currency has hit the roots of the public. With this however, it is not the rate at which crypto currency is used by the public. Just like everyone wants to be counted in the table of victors, companies are vesting their interests in the talked about Crypto Currency.

The first company to sprout its interests is the Cheez. This Company has developed a social video app with over five million installs across android and iOS. Coming in fast and rolling out a crypto currency that will let users earn Bitcoin (BTC) and Etherum (ETH), despite facing few drawbacks for instance the low reward ceiling and the centralized integration.

Cheez company moreover is planning to list COS on a tip-tier Crypto exchange this year so that Live Me and Cheez users will be able to trade with other crypto. The specific practical detail of Cheez was to decentralize the mobile content ecosystem and empower independent creators.

Helium located in Meza Arizona is a Financial Software Development company that developed automated saving accelerator basically for crypto currencies. This company saw the market consumer and realized the reason as to why talk is beating action. So the software is therefore meant to benefit the large mass non expert market consumer.

It would be important to note also that with the daily rising and falling of the Bitcoin, retail investors and market observers are noting the direction of the world to possibly place their bets safely. This brings about the divergent interests.

Clearing the bushes and creating divergent routes are the traditional financial industries. These industries have experts spanning across a range of fields- Including technologies, financiers and crypto currency professionals. Their goal is to create a safe and transparent environment for institutions to trade and invest in Crypto Currencies. Leaning heavily on their values of trust, reliability and security, they have a feeling crypto currency should take control. This would therefore see crypto currency gain its monetary value system in the market and what’s more gain stability.

Regulations at times can be an obstacle to innovation and technology that comes along with innovation. Lack of regulations however, can create suspicion to the public. Rules therefore have to be in place to bring about trust and rapport to customers