Iran Turns To Cryptocurrency in Preparations for the Upcoming Sanctions
A few months ago, the Iranian government turned to cryptocurrency in preparation for the upcoming sanctions. Iran had announced in April that it had developed an experimental domestic cryptocurrency to test whether or not cryptocurrency would be the much-desired savior. Iran’s new currency will allow people in Iran to send and receive money both locally… (0 comment)

Indian Committee Recommends Crypto for Payments
There may still be hope for cryptocurrencies in India. According to a recently released report titled “Legal Framework: Gambling and Sports Betting Including Cricket India”, cryptocurrencies could be used to make payments after all. The report was constituted to provide a mechanism that will tackle illegal gambling in India. After the government imposed a ban… (0 comment)

Etherscan Gets Hacked
  Hacking cases in the cryptocurrency industry are becoming more frequent costing the exchanges hundreds of millions this year alone. Etherscan became the latest hacking victim on Monday after an unknown person hacked its sites. According to reports, the hacker was able to penetrate Etherscan’s system and leave pop-up text that stated: “1337,” decades’ old… (0 comment)