ATM’s catalyzing the growth of Crypto Currency

ATM’s catalyzing the growth of Crypto Currency

To begin with, this is how crypto currency works, when one needs to exchange his/her digital assets for a fiat currency, the individual only requires a cell phone. With lots of simplicity involved, the user is only required to download the “coinsource currency wallet” app to send and receive bitcoins by scanning a QR code using the cell phones camera.

In addition, users can also buy bitcoins with cash or exchange bitcoins to receive fiat currency. Through any of the coin source ATMs. All that is required is a cell phone and an active mobile bitcoin wallet.

The same way ATMs encouraged people to shift from solid cash to liquid cash, is the same way crypto currency ATMs is going to offer a similar route. Only that this time round the driving wheel is going to be the ATMs

Crypto currency is bringing in a new giant that it would not only run the internet but also become a main stream option for companies. This is the Virtual Crypto Technologies Inc.

This is a technology dedicated to making crypto currencies accessible to the public, specifically by creating payment solutions for businesses and customers which combine application programming interfaces and mobile applications, for implementation across ATMs, P.Cs tablets and the mobile devices.

The most important product in the Virtual Crypto Technologies is the Nito Bit trader. It is a proprietary logarithmic technology platform that can instantly confirm the purchase or sale of Bitcoin, a process that can always take 10 minutes to 24 hours.

The evolving world has always embraced the changing technology. Just to note, cash came in to replace an informal way of exchange took to the roots is when ATMs came in to replace but not fully. There is nothing better for crypto currency to see ATMs grow. At the moment, there are more than 3 million ATM users in the world and as if that is not enough, an ATM is installed somewhere every three minutes. From a distance virtual crypto is watching since it is the perfect time for it to introduce a new type of ATM.

Why strain while you have an escape route, then why use card payment when there is virtual crypto. From this therefore, ATM stores will with time pave way for crypto.

Since crypto currency needs to cover the globe, a communication network is hence required. That is why besides Virtual Crypto, Crypto currency has come up with Crypto Currency Wire. This is a platform that would not only act as a social media platform but also act as a publishing company.

It would be important to note that despite the challenges Crypto Currency is currently facing, including the recent drop of the bitcoin, almost every month there is a new evidence to suggest that authorities are finally getting to grip with the crypto currency market hence, this would see crypto currency gain in the bitcoin once more.