Acceptance of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in US Universities

Acceptance of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in US Universities

A resent research carried out on US and international learning institutions by Coinbase and startup Qriously, the largest exchange and wallet provider  reveals the extent of acceptance in US colleges .This comes as a shock considering the fact that cryptocurrency haven’t been widely accepted in the United States.

As age hasn’t been a factor in purchasing or owning a digital currency, the research clearly showed that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have been widely accepted by the young generation. This might have come up due to the fact that this generation has grown up in a world full of technology in every aspect, hence the comfort in tech-driven virtual currency.

The study shows that 18% of the United States students own cryptocurrency. Putting into consideration of the fact that the US has a large population of students, 18% is a significant number of students. This might also represent the high attitude the young generation has towards technology. The coinbase survey further shows that for every four students one wants to take a cryptocurrency course.

The study also showed that, due to the high acceptance of cryptocurrency and blochchain technology by the young generation, nearly half of the top 50 Universities, as ranked by US News and World report are coming up with research centers and more crypto-related or blockchain courses. More Universities that have not yet introduced the crypto and blockchain courses have promised to come up with the courses in the nascent subject. This is so as to be able to meet the ever rising demand and also because they have found cryptocurrency a worthwhile area of study.

In the U.S, Stanford University emerged first in offering crypto related courses, with 10 blockchain and crypto-related courses, closely followed by Cornell University with nine and the third being University of Pennsylvania with six.

Aleh Tsyvinski, an economics professor at Yale University says that, for the last couple of years all his students wants to hear more of is cryptocurrency .Mr Aleh teaches Introductory Macroeconomics and his class is the largest in the economic department with 300 students on average, reported MarketWatch. He also said that his class has moved from most boring to most interesting.

The dean of the School of Social Sciences at University of California Irvine, Mr Bill Maurer said that students are trying to find their own way and envision the possible alternatives there might be on the prevailing economic system, and hence teaching them all about this technologies is very powerful.

Though the volatility of these digital currency is very high, the percentage is expected to increase as more and more students continue to embrace cryptocurrency and blockchain related technology.