19-year old Bomb Hoaxer Sentenced to 10 years in Jail

19-year old Bomb Hoaxer Sentenced to 10 years in Jail

In the coastal city of Sothern Israel, a 19-year bomb hoaxer who has been making a living through bomb threats is going to jail for ten years. Michael Kadar, an Israel-American teenager, was a smooth operator in the dark web and was nicknamed JCC bomb hoaxer. Under his title, he was known for making bomb threats to schools, hospitals, malls, police stations, airports, and commercial airlines.

According to the New York Times, Kadar is responsible for over 2,000 bomb threats between 2015- and 2017. Having started as a minor Kadar worked from his parent’s homes in Ashkelon, and he made US$0.8 million from his bomb hoaxer activities. To hide his location and voice, Kadar used sophisticated software. Furthermore, he made his dealing in BTC and according to reports he has 184 BTC stashed in a bitcoin wallet.

Kadar Charges for Making the Threat

For Kadar, his autistic condition didn’t prevent him from making the above threats. He even went ahead and charged students US$80 to make the threats in their schools. For the latter, he was hired by students who didn’t want to do exams. On the other hand for bomb threats to private homes and commercial jets, Kadar charged $40 and $500 respectively.

Chaos Caused by Kadar Bomb Threats

The threats made by Kadar have indeed caused a lot of harm and panic for the victims. For instance in schools mass evacuation had to initiated at once to prevent loss of lives. Besides the evacuations, emergency responders and police had to swig to actions immediately. Furthermore, fighter jets had to be scrambled to escort the planes during emergency landing.

“One can imagine the terror panic and fear that was on the pupils face during the evacuation.” Judge Zvi Gurfinkel reading the verdict “Furthermore airline passengers were so afraid that when they were making the emergency landing and alighting from the airplanes, the commotion led to some getting injured.” It is while reading the verdict that Judge sent Kadar to jail for ten years at a Tel Aviv Court.

To be able to stop JCC bomb hoaxer, a team of police from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation together with other security agencies across the globe and Israel police had to combine forces to stop Kadar. He was arrested at his parent’s home and had thousands of US dollars. But refused to disclose his BTC wallet were more of his loot is stored.