Globitex Exchange IBAN Euro Wallet Enables Instant Withdrawal and Deposits

In a bid to hack the crypt trading scene and provide instant and efficient money transfer service, Globitex exchange has launched its Euro Wallet which comes with an assigned IBAN personal account. With the Euro Wallet linked to an IBAN account, making transactions will be equal to making transfers from a Euro bank account. The IBAN connects the wallets to the users trading account over at Globitex platform making the link seamless. With the linking in place, crypto enthusiasts can now enjoy faster transactions, unlike the previous transfer which would take 24 to 48 hours to complete.

With the Euro Wallet now in place entities in the crypto sector, miners, traders and other users can make withdrawals instantly and access their funds immediately. By the end of the transfer, your funds are ready to withdraw. Moreover, through the Euro Wallet corporates in the crypto space can withdraw 200,000 euros while other traders can access $33,832 which is 30,000 euros within a month. To be able to provide its services in the European market Nexpay UAB e-money license (EMI) came in handy. Globitex operates under Nexpay UAB umbrella, and its EMI license covers its operations in this case. Through the EMI license, Globitex can provide its services to 28 countries in the European region that the EMI license covers.

Coins Supported

At the moment, Globitex Euro Wallet enables traders to complete transactions in five virtual currencies EURS, GBX, ETH, BCH, and BTC. In addition to making transactions quicker, Euro Wallet users will enjoy several other benefits. The Euro Wallet will make SEPA transfers available. Furthermore, account holders will be able to make a direct transfer to a third party. And to ensure the safety of your funds, Globitex has your funds under lock and key at a European central bank account. On the other hand, the platform interface is user-friendly to ensure everyone can maneuver around with ease. And in case you encounter any difficulty Globitex well trained and knowledgeable customer support staff are at your disposal.

While Globitex has its eyes set on making trading on its platform easy, the Euro Wallet is enabling it inches closer to its goal. Furthermore, with Nexpay UAB providing the best support in terms of the EMI license, in this case, Globitex exchange is heading places. Besides that, through Nexpay UAB network Globitex has access to a broader market.