Segregated Witness Soft Fork – Litecoin Forking
Segregated Witness, or SegWit is an update to the Bitcoin protocol which is designed to fix the transaction malleability issue, ensures transactions take less space per block, and to enable Bi Directional payment channels such as the Lightning network to run on top of Bitcoin. It seems that the Bitcoin mining community is struggling to… (0 comment)

Litecoin Community potentially implementing SegWit
There has been talks that the Litecoin Community is considering implementing segregated witness. Segregated Witness allows the lightning network to run and is one of the best proposed fixes for scaling issues. While the Bitcoin community is very divided and is struggling to come to a 95% consensus thus far to implement segregated witness, there… (0 comment)

Segregated Witness – The benefits of the potential Bitcoin soft fork and why miners should signal support
The Bitcoin core developers recently released the latest version of Bitcoin Core 0.13.1, which since November anyone using it signals support for segregated witness (segwit). Unlike many other block size increase proposals, this is a ‘soft fork’ where older clients will still recognise blocks generated. It essentially increases the block size to 4MB, Segregated witness… (0 comment)