Bitcoin’s price rally topped any other currency in 2016
Bitcoin’s price rally in the year 2016 has topped all other currencies in the world. The coin had a 79% gain in 2016, four times that of the Russian rouble. This was partially due to the halving, which halved the supply of new coins being mined every day, along with capital controls and greater market adoption… (0 comment)

Zcash price decline ongoing
Zcash, the encrypted cryptocurrency has dropped in price to $40 USD, a new low for the digital currency. Zcash is an encrypted cryptocurrency, designed with privacy in mind, Zcash shot to unfathomable highs on it’s first day of trading, reaching $2 million USD, quickly falling to under $40,000 the same day. The rapid increase in mining rewards,… (0 comment)

Ethereum Prices at lowest since February 2016
Ethereum, the smart-contract platform has dropped to it’s lowest price since February 2016. The Ethereum price rose to insane heights when the potential possibilities about the smart-contract platform became known. It seems however that the ‘honeymoon’ period where Ethereum is concerned is over, and now people are trying to work out what practical applications Ethereum… (1 comment)

Trading volume of Ethereum Classic Drops 99% since peak
Ethereum Classic, the fork of Ethereum which occurred when the Ethereum community hard-forked to prevent loss of funds in a smart contract for the DAO, some people kept mining the pre-forked version on their own chain. There was high hopes for this original blockchain of Ethereum, which had the view that the blockchain should be… (0 comment)