LitecoinVault – Online Litecoin Wallet – Review
LitecoinVault is an online Litecoin wallet. We usually suggest avoiding online wallets all together for any large storage of funds, but for small daily change they don’t hurt. First off this site works similar to, generating the wallet on your machine and sending an encrypted copy to their server, encrypted/decrypted client side with your… (0 comment)

Segregated Witness Soft Fork – Litecoin Forking
Segregated Witness, or SegWit is an update to the Bitcoin protocol which is designed to fix the transaction malleability issue, ensures transactions take less space per block, and to enable Bi Directional payment channels such as the Lightning network to run on top of Bitcoin. It seems that the Bitcoin mining community is struggling to… (0 comment)

Is Litecoin finally taking it’s place as Silver to Bitcoin’s Gold?
Litecoin was the currency designed to be a ‘lite’ version of Bitcoin, the ‘Silver to Bitcoin gold’. As the Bitcoin price has skyrocketed, Litecoin has stirred a little and it is becoming more recognized. With Bitmain releasing Scrypt mining hardware potentially, and with the Innosilicon offerings, it is likely that Scrypt mining and network security for… (0 comment)