Temporary Liquidator Appointed To Liquidate Assets of Firm Led By Moshe Hogeg
A petition filed in court by 17 shareholders of IDC Investdotcom Holding has led to the Tel Aviv court appointing a temporary liquidator. The 17 had filed a petition alleging that Moshe Hogeg director of DC Investdotcom Holding has embezzled funds raised from two ICOs resulting to the company becoming insolvent. According to the petition… (0 comment)

Coinbase Custody is now a Limited Purpose Trust Company
After undergoing vigorous tests from the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) Coinbase Custody is now a chartered Limited Purpose Trust Company. Armed with the license, Coinbase Custody can now operate independently from Coinbase Inc. The latter got the charter from the NYDFS under the New York State Banking Law. Coinbase Custody was a… (0 comment)

UAE Securities in ICOs
Domestic companies looking to raise funds in the UAE have another way of raising funds thanks to the recent announcement from the Emirates Securities & Commodities Authority. Through the ICOs domestic companies will offer their virtual currency tokens raise funds the same way IPOs sale equity to investors. During a seminar held recently Obaid Saif… (0 comment)

A Judge Ruled That Securities Are Covered Under The US Securities Law
A US District Judge made a landmark ruling which allows the US Securities and Exchange Commision to proceed with their legal case against the organizers of two cryptocurrencies. According to reports, the US Judge, Raymond Dearie ruled that the case against Brooklyn resident Maksim Zaslavskiy can proceed to trial. The prosecutors filed a case against… (0 comment)