UAE Securities in ICOs
Domestic companies looking to raise funds in the UAE have another way of raising funds thanks to the recent announcement from the Emirates Securities & Commodities Authority. Through the ICOs domestic companies will offer their virtual currency tokens raise funds the same way IPOs sale equity to investors. During a seminar held recently Obaid Saif… (0 comment)

A Judge Ruled That Securities Are Covered Under The US Securities Law
A US District Judge made a landmark ruling which allows the US Securities and Exchange Commision to proceed with their legal case against the organizers of two cryptocurrencies. According to reports, the US Judge, Raymond Dearie ruled that the case against Brooklyn resident Maksim Zaslavskiy can proceed to trial. The prosecutors filed a case against… (0 comment)

Prohibition of virtual currency promotion activities in Guangzhou, China
Adoptions of virtual currency have been met with a lot of challenges in different regions and in different platforms. The major challenge has been in the area of advertisement. Previously virtual currency promotion was banned in various social media like facebook and even in Google platforms. Different countries have also had different approach when it… (0 comment)

Philippine’ SEC Approve New Draft Law for Cryptocurrencies and ICOs
The Philippines Security and Exchange Commission, (SEC) approved new draft rules for initial coin offering. According to reports, the new rules will provide a legal platform for traders to sell their cryptocurrencies. SEC Chairman Emilio Aquino released the new draft rules on August 2 in Malina. During the announcement, he stated that the government is… (0 comment)