Courts Not Prepared To Handle Cryptocurrency Payments
Last week, a federal judge in San Francisco ordered Martin Marish, a cyber-criminal to pay his bail charges using cryptocurrencies. Barely a week down the line and the court has had to change its mind. Marisch was found guilty after he hacked into the EA’s central computer systems and obtained 25,000 customer records. The information… (0 comment)

Cryptocurrency is establishing its place in the English Premier League.
On Monday, ETero Company signed a sponsorship deal with seven English Premier League clubs. The clubs involved in the feast table being Tottenham Hotspurs, Leicester City, Newcastle United, Southampton, Cardiff City, Brighton and Crystal Palace. The Bitcoin interest in English football comes at a time when there is need to clean up counterfeit merchandising and… (0 comment)

Police in China detain three hackers who made away with 87 million dollars crypto
Chinese policemen arrested three suspects said to have been involved in a hacking incident. The suspects are said to have made away with 87 million dollars worth of crypto currency. This was done to completion via hacking. The police in the northern city of Xian have been tirelessly investigating the case since March when a… (0 comment)