UAE Securities in ICOs
Domestic companies looking to raise funds in the UAE have another way of raising funds thanks to the recent announcement from the Emirates Securities & Commodities Authority. Through the ICOs domestic companies will offer their virtual currency tokens raise funds the same way IPOs sale equity to investors. During a seminar held recently Obaid Saif… (0 comment)

First Cryptocurrency project in Kenya
In Africa, blockchain technology has been slowly adopted, with South Africa recording the highest number of users in blockchain technology. Kenya has not been left behind in embracing the blockchain technology. The major areas that have shown interest in the technology is in economic and political development. Recently, the chairman of Kenya Independent Electoral and… (0 comment)

Acceptance of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in US Universities
A resent research carried out on US and international learning institutions by Coinbase and startup Qriously, the largest exchange and wallet provider  reveals the extent of acceptance in US colleges .This comes as a shock considering the fact that cryptocurrency haven’t been widely accepted in the United States. As age hasn’t been a factor in… (0 comment)

Improved smartphones for cryptocurrency owners
For peer-to-peer bitcoin and other crypto payments, there is an obvious expectation of shift on how the larger android market users are going to use their phones. There is a possibility that one day, our phones will become always on nodes for Bitcoins lighting network, routing peer to peer payments between and among people we… (0 comment)