Bitcoin tops the $870 USD mark
Bitcoin seems to be fast approaching the high prices of 2013/2014. The price has peaked at $870 USD as of 23rd December, 2016 and seems to show no signs of stopping or slowing down. The price rise in December seems to have come along with the increase in network hashrate and adoptions such as Bitwage… (0 comment)

Bitwage gaining traction in India for payment of wages
Bitwage, a firm designed to enable easy paying of wages in Bitcoin has begun rolling out it’s services to India. It is clear that the Indian government is striving for a cashless society in the phasing out of many notes. The Bitwage platform is accessible to users of the internet, apple and android devices. This… (0 comment)

Indian Bitcoin Exchange CoinSecure comes under DDoS Attack
It looks like there has been another DDoS attack on an Indian Bitcoin Exchange, CoinSecure. DDoS attacks in the Bitcoin world seem incredibly common at present, often done against mining pools the attacker disagrees with. This causes problems of people having limited access to funds. The attack affected the site, API and the android application.… (0 comment)