Not Guilty Jaravijit Siblings Plead
On Wednesday the Criminal Courts in Bangkok were busy handling the proceedings of the court case involving the Jiravijit siblings. During the proceedings, Supitcha and Jiratpisit alongside their elder brother Prinya Javavijit were given a chance to state their pleas against the money laundering charges they were facing. In the end, they pleaded not guilty.… (0 comment)

Charlie Shrem First Bitcoin Felon Woes Continue
BitInstant former CEO Charlie Shrem actions as the Crypto adviser to twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have come back to haunt him in a lawsuit. The twins are alleging that during his contract as their adviser in 2012 Shrem didn’t give them all the Bitcoins according to their investment. According to the New York Times,… (0 comment)

Federal District Court comes to the Aid of Bitcoin Max Exchange
Brazilian Bitcoin Max Exchange can now resume operations after Banco Brasil, and Santander reopened its bank accounts. To arrive at this point, Bitcoin Max lawyers had to lodge an appeal at the Federal District and Territorial Court (TJDFT) against the previous decision. In their last application at the 3rd District Civil Court of Brasilia, Judge… (0 comment)