why bitcoin price going down in 6 days
The price of bitcoin has plunged almost 25 percent since hitting a two-and-a-half year high last week amid problems at a key exchange and diminishing fears of a Brexit. Bitcoin was trading around $590.53 by midday London time, a fall of around 23.8 percent from the $774.94 close on June 17, which marked the highest… (0 comment)

Bitcoin Price Drops Below $600 As ‘Brexit’ Hopes Falter
The price of bitcoin fell $100 during a five-hour span today, dropping 15% to reach a low of $551 on the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (BPI). The move represents a continuation of the recent price correction that began when bitcoin hit a high of $774 on 18th June, a move market observers suggested indicated the digital… (0 comment)

Should Ethereum Ignore the DAO attack
DAO was hacked and 3.53 million of Ethereum was lost on June 17, 2016 due to a bug in the written contract codes, based on the report from blog.ethereum.org. It is known that DAO collected 8.26 million of ETH from its ICO, which takes up to 10% of total Ether supply. DAO is based on… (0 comment)

Play Anonymous at Bitcoinpenguin.com
Bitcoin Penguin Casino is a very attractive and highly featured online casino launched in the summer of 2014.It is a very secure and reliable online bitcoin casino platform that is developed through the most cutting edge web technologies and security protocols available in the current marketplace.It has continued to impress me ever since their launch. At launch, the… (0 comment)