Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, wants to introduce a new payment system using blockchain technology. It is a technology which enables existence of cryptocurrency, where a record of transactions will be made in bitcoin maintained across several computers that will be linked in peer-to-peer network. However, most people think that being the owner of a renowned… (0 comment)

A Brazilian cryptocurrency firm has been closed down due to frauding 55,000 traders worth $200m. According to the local news reports, Correio Do Povo. The fraudsters hoaxed the traders by demanding to offer 15 percent returns on digital assets they will invest in the firm.  The cryptocurrency fraudsters operated the financial institution illegally because Brazil’s… (0 comment)

The Central Bank of Lao PDR has cautioned   its citizens, investors and traders not to use digital assets as medium of exchange because it is unlawful to do so. Regardless of being cautioned on publicizing digital assets on social media, digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin were still being posted on social media platforms… (0 comment)

The major problem in the cryptocurrency exchange has been the data leakage by hackers. Most of the well-known crypto exchanges have fallen victim of data leakage. Binance is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trade volume, was one of the victim exchanges. It lost 7000 BTCs in the process. One of… (0 comment)