Through a partnership bringing together three firms Medical Diagnostics Web (MDW), Longenesis and Bitfury Group the imaging sector in the health care industry will get a taste of blockchain technology. MDW is a powerhouse in the radiology department whose aim is to explore new opportunities brought forth by blockchain technology and open up the sector… (0 comment)

Per judge Regina Lucia Passos ruling local financial institutions must provide a justified reason before closing down an account belonging to a crypto firm. Furthermore according to judge Passo Banco Sicoob Banco Sicoob violated regulations put in place by Banco Central Do Brasil specifically under resolution No. 2,025/93 where financial institutions are required to provide… (0 comment)

Through Ortus a Block Deal and Matchmaking Company it owns rights to Bithumb exchange can now provide trading services to the elite community of traders who make large volume trades. Ranked first by CoinMarketCa based on trading volume Bithumb is now steering another front that will propel its exchange to be the number one player… (0 comment)