Cent has developed a new Blockchain application that allows its clients to transact digital currency through communication system. The system generates exponential profits and accessible via a simple application. Reporting on Wednesday, Cent CEO Max Brody told Coin Desk that you can just log on with an email, password and phone number without using MetaMask… (0 comment)

According to PRNewswire, on May 8, 2019, Zebpay which is the leading cryptocurrency exchange came up with a new way of its product services in Melbourne, Australia. Zebpay was India’s most prominent cryptocurrency exchange as it was the easiest way to buy and sell many cryptocurrencies. Zebpay played a pioneering role as a crypto exchange… (0 comment)

Russian New Agency (TASS) Reports on May 6th that the Moscow Authorities were planning to come up with an experimental trial of blockchain-based electronic voting in late June 2019 in University Student Council elections. This experiment was done in preparation for the main upcoming city’s mayoral elections. The study was conducted by the Moscow Department… (0 comment)

As Bitcoin is trying to bounce back from its difficult crisis, it has been criticized by crypto critics as a loss to investments. Warren Buffet, a tycoon investor referred Bitcoin as fraud, warning people to stay clear of it. CNBC reports that Bitcoin is a lazy thing, calling it a slot machine comparing it to… (0 comment)