BetByBitcoin – Best Bitcoin Casino & Betting Game Review Site Thu, 15 Aug 2019 05:31:54 +0000 en-US hourly 1 110991239 Bulletproof Traders Thu, 15 Aug 2019 05:31:45 +0000 There are literally thousands of signal providers from pretty much all over the world. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them (like with most other areas in life) are completely worthless, or even worse, harmful. The real challenge here is to find the good ones, and that may not be as easy as one would imagine. The challenge here is to sort out the 1%ers from the rest of the bad 99% out there, and that maybe as difficult as the act of trading itself.

There is, however, a good starting point that would help you to avoid at least 50% of the noise (bad signal providers), which in turn will help to narrow down the list of potential high-quality signal providers and get you closer to finding those rare gems. The basic truth is this, stay away (or even run away) from so called “free signals” as they will surely bring any trader much faster and a lot closer to his demise.

Good and high-quality products or services are never free. In-fact, they are even expensive in many cases, and for damn good reason. That’s not to say that every expensive product or service is high-quality just because it’s costly, but it can provide a reliable direction towards finding that exceptional signal providing services.

As a rule of thumb, always try to look for the “full spectrum” signal providers. Most signal providers will only send out obscure instructions (i.e. Trading Signals) to buy or sell an asset with no explanations or convictions into the reasons and factors behind the decision-making process. That should always be a suspicious proposition.

Instead, try looking for the well-established members-only trading clubs, which by definition, provide a full spectrum signals providing service, where every single piece of information that they generate is backed up by a complete set of explanations, reasoning, and live demonstrations into the reasons behind the relevant decision making process.

At the end of day, even after applying these differentiating elements, it still might take a few trial and errors before finding the real deal and landing on a reliable and profitable signal providing service. It’s important to understand that profitability is not the only factor that traders need to take under consideration. We would suggest that trading style matchup is equally important.

Trading style usually represent the type of personality a trader has. Therefore, if you are a swing trader that is trying to rely on a signal provider (as good as it may be) that conducts a short term scalping trading style, that could actually end up backfiring, leading to character miss match and the inevitable loss of money.

Bottom line is that well-established members-only trading clubs and membership sites are usually far superior to the traditional ad-hoc signal providers. Having said that, it is still crucial to conduct a basic level of research into the trading style that a trading membership site would offer before deciding whether it fits with your own trading style and personal character.

Roy Levin

Head of trading at Bulletproof Traders

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MDEC Organizing a Work Visa Programme for Tech Freelancers to work in Malaysia Thu, 20 Jun 2019 11:30:44 +0000

Recently, the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) has been piloting a work on a visa project that will see more tech freelancers working in Malaysia due to the urgent need for blockchain-experienced talents.

MDEC growth ecosystem development, Vice-president Norhizam Abdul Kadir announced the submission of proposal papers to the Immigration Departments and the Home Ministry for the Digital Freelancer Programme.  The presentation of the proposal papers intends to encourage foreign talents to work in Malaysia for a short-term.

According to Norhizam the vice-president the program leveraged off the Professional Visit Pass that permit foreign with a professional qualification or blockchain skills to enter Malaysia and work for as long as 12 months, or go through practical training with Malaysian Company representing the overseas company.

The vice-president Norhizam Abdul Kadir, later on, stated the process that will make the program possible,   he said that the MDEC would tag along with the blockchain organization Nem Foundation and the Estonian cross-border job marketplace Jobbatical.  Each one of them will play its role, for instance, Nem Foundation will describe the talent needed, and the type of skill while Jobbatical would supply them, the Immigration would assist in approving the qualified talent by providing the PVP to the skilled talents.  MDEC will finalize the program by facilitating the whole process.

During a press release, the vice-president said, “We will be kicking it (the program) off starting with Blockchain jobs.  The number of Visas to be issued depends on the projects that will be run by blockchain companies in Malaysia,”

Nem Malaysia CEO Jasmine Ng who expressed herself by saying the following; the measurement that is taken will not only enable Malaysia to tackle the demand of blockchain technology but through the visiting talent, the local staff will also be up-skilled, which is a win-win situation.

Jasmine Ng was asked how many foreign staff they were looking forward to hiring, “it would come down to costing as international talent expect to be paid in US dollars and those with the relevant skill sets in programming and blockchain command a fairly high salary” Jasmine answered.

Malaysia Innovation Policy Council (MIPC) first proposal of the Digital Freelancer Programme will be summoned for the first time next Monday, whereby the council was first introduced by the MDEC as a platform to facilitate growth in the tech industry by promoting regulations and policies that motivate innovation.             



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US Lawmakers Intends to Stop Facebook from Carrington its Libra Cryptocurrency Project Wed, 19 Jun 2019 10:23:58 +0000

A recent update of the Facebook new vision, of planning to launch a new cryptocurrency known as Libra in 2020 has not pleased many.  It has left the US Lawmakers with many questions an answered.  Facebook was therefore asked to call off its process of developing the new digital coin by Rep. Maxine Waters, who chairs the House Financial Services Committee, adding that Facebook has an endless list of scandals.

Facebook is said to be working with 27 partners to successfully launch Libra that will be released together with a newly developed digital wallet that works with WhatsApp and Messenger.  According to Facebook, all users will be able to use the new digital coin to purchase products, make a donation, or even send money across borders.

Waters, therefore, stated that Facebook continues to extend its reach into the lives of its users worldwide with its unchecked expansion that she considers as a risk since it opens doors to dangerous activities. 

“The cryptocurrency market currently lacks a clear regulatory framework to provide strong protections for investors, consumers, and the economy. Regulators should see this as a wake-up call to get serious about the privacy and national security concerns, cybersecurity risks, and trading risks that are posed by cryptocurrencies, “Waters said.  Facebook cryptocurrency project has left the lawmakers with no choice, but to highlight some of the challenges that the giant social media could face,  if it pushes through with its plan to launch Libra.

 A California Democrat stated that Facebook has repeatedly shown carelessness for the protection and the use of this data.  Federal Trade Commission has been investigating Facebook for failing to protect user’s privacy and that the social media company could face a record-setting fine of $5 billion from FTC.  Last year the data of up to $87 million users was harvested without the consumer’s permission, the harvesting was done by the UK political consultancy Cambridge Analytica.

The top Republican on the House Financial Services Committee, Rep. Patrick McHenry, also requested a hearing on Facebook and its cryptocurrency project whereby the Facebook executives are needed o testify before the committee.

According to Waters, Facebook should not push through with its plan of creating a new digital coin until Congress and regulators examine some of the issues she brought up.

Reportedly, this is the second time lawmakers concern about Facebook‘s cryptocurrency plans.  Back in May the lawmakers on the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs demanded answers from Facebook concerning the cryptocurrency project, they wanted to know what privacy and security will be available to protect its users, despite the fact that the cryptocurrency project could keep consumers on the platform for long and generate revenue outside of advertising.

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Spanish Bank Santander’s Appeal In Case Vs Crypto Exchange Mercado Bitcoin Denied Tue, 18 Jun 2019 10:52:18 +0000

The court of Justice of the State of São Paulo has denied an appeal by a Spanish bank Santander’s in a case against Brazilian Cryptocurrency exchange firm, Mercado Bitcoin. The court not only rejected the appeal but also affirmed its previous ruling.

Santander was sued by the Brazilian crypto exchange Mercado Bitcoin earlier in 2018.  The bank had allegedly closed the exchange’s account on the claims that they had concerns over the source of accounts funds and the nature of activities of the exchange.

According to the court, Santander had violated resolution No. 2,025-93 of Banco Central do Brazil, which states that a financial institution should clearly define a reason freezing or closing an account. Also, according to Bacen’s circular, “the notification of an intention to terminate a contract should contain an express reference to the exact motive.”

In the ruling, the court ordered the Santander bank to immediately release the funds: over one million Brazilian real was locked by the bank. On top of that, the bank was required to pay a fine monthly equivalent to one percent interest on the locked funds; this was approximately two hundred thousand Brazilian real.

This is not the first occurrence concerning banks closing the accounts of cryptocurrency exchange firms. Virtex, an online market that connects Bitcoin buyers to sellers, faced the same fate. In April 2017, the Royal Bank of Canada secretively informed the CEO, Mr. David that it would no longer offer its services to his company.

 “They shut down our account without any reason…They just said we have the right to refuse service to whomever we wish,” said Mr. David.

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Seoul’s Fourth Industrial Revolution Fund is Looking Forward to invest on, 5G, AL, and Blockchain Mon, 17 Jun 2019 11:09:25 +0000

The city of Seoul in South Korea recently announced that it has set aside ₩50 billion to invest in mid-sized venture companies through the Fourth Industrial Revolution Fund. 

According to reports, this investment is intended at liberating Seoul workers from automatize tasks, setting them free so that they can concentrate on more complex business issues hence are promising them more freedom.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government had planned back in 2018 to set aside a ₩131 billion for Seoul Innovation Growth Fund in 2019.  It intended to intensively invest in areas like fintech, blockchain and biotechnology and many more.  The plan was therefore successful that led to a recent announcement made by the government.

 In the budget of 2019, the government of South Korea ‘s capital intends to invest 13.25 billion won ($11.75 million) in the first half and 8.4 billion won (7.45 million ) in the second half. The first half will be distributed across five segments, that is: 2 billion won will go to Forth Industrial Revolution, Cultural content projects and Smart City that also supports the Blockchain Projects and 2.25 billion won will be invested into startup support and the remaining 3 billion won will be given out to the rehabilitation support.

 According to the press release, the government has used 7 trillion won to create Seoul Innovation Growth Fund and it considers the Fourth Revolution Fund as part of the initiative.  Besides, it will primarily invest in series A or seed funding of startup companies as reported by CoinDesk.

Reportedly, the government revealed its next move of investing 1.2 trillion won ($1.07 billion) in startups by 2022 via the investment funds. The city government also states that compared to the investment made in London and Silicon Valley, the average initial investment of South Korea’s Capital city should be raised to about $1.1 million.

“The Seoul Metropolitan Government has completed the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution Fund’ … for 50 billion won (8 years of investment, 4 years of investment) In the early stage, we have already exceeded our target by more than 200%…”

The release states that “More than 80% of the 50 billion is invested in companies in the 4th industrial revolution sector, of which more than 26 billion won invest heavily in so-called ICT DNA such as 5G, AI, blockchain, and Big Data. In particular, more than 10 billion won will be invested in SMEs or venture companies in the 4th industrial revolution in Seoul,”

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Rhode Island Looking Forward To Embrace Blockchain Fri, 14 Jun 2019 10:49:36 +0000

Recently the state Government of Rhode Island discovers the need of the blockchain technology.  The government has therefore issued a new request for proposals to discuss the viability details of blockchain technology.  These, therefore, facilitate the removal of certain security lows that were made for blockchain businesses.

The overseas government inspired the adoption of blockchain by Rhode Island since blockchain has positively impacted their states. As Liz Tanner, the Director of the Department of Business Regulation in Rhode Island shows faith in the blockchain business. She believes blockchain represents the modernization of government and at the same time it will promote bureaucratic efficiency in the states.

This is because Blockchain is a peer-to-peer ledger system that makes it possible for one to see other users’ entries keyed-in-items such as phones, laptops, and computers.  Blockchain also creates strict high-level security, high-level storage, and transparency.

As the memo issuing the Request For Proposal clearly states that “Suggested area of application …include antifraud, contracts, medical marijuana, records, notarization, registration and licensing, investigative evidence control and more.”  This is to inform any state that, the RFP is not only after a particular answer to a specific problem, but is also considering the prospect of the emerging blockchain technology.

“This long list of possible applications is meant to entice more bidders, all of whom are required to submit two proofs of concept for blockchain application.”  This was addressed to the Government Technology by Brenna McCabe, Director of public affairs for the Department of Administration in Rhode Island.

She thereby added that.  “State officials did not want to stifle the ingenuity of the industry by limiting the scope of the RFP and that the Government Technology admires how the states overseas work is being done faster and efficiency by the help of Blockchain technology and that Rhode Island is likely to follow the same path starting by issuing the RFP.”

Therefore, Rhode Island is among the many countries and stated that are trying to make it easier to do business.  McCabe finds the need to address the matter to Government Technology.  She went ahead and sent an Email saying, “In our research, we have seen the use of blockchain technology be introduced and utilized internationally.  We’d like to be the first state in the country open to the possibilities of what has happened across the world.”

The RFT states that the technical evaluation committee composed of staff from various state agencies will review the proposal.  The initial contract period is estimated to begin August.13 for a period determined by the winning bid(s).

McCabe said that officials are more interested in the proofs of concepts that will be gleaned from submissions.  “There are a lot of variables here, and we’re leaving it open to ensure that we can gain insight into how this new technology can help the state and our customers: Rhode Island taxpayers.” She added that “We see a lot of potentials, but until we can dig into these proofs of concept, we can’t determine what kind of project would be palatable in the future or how we would implement it.”

 In a release, Bijay Kumar the Chief Information Officer said that RFP will give the state a chance to explore and came up with the best methods that might be applicable and how the RFP will benefit the needs of the department listed.

 Kumar also expressed himself by adding, “I am excited to see the possibilities and to learn more about how this new technology is helping other public and private entities reach new levels of innovation in business, security, and other areas,”

Reportedly, for the Rhode Island to have the permission to use blockchain, some changes will be required since regulations and licensing structures anticipate problems resulted from laws that only the states leaders are aware of what needs to be tackled once the proposals are reviewed.


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Yurga to Develop a Blockchain-Enable Tourist Platform Wed, 12 Jun 2019 07:07:29 +0000

With an aim of increasing tourist flow to Yurga and promoting the tourism sector in the Russian region, the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug will be launching a Blockchain-enabled tourism platform.

Reportedly, the General Director of the development fund in the region, Roman Genkel, signed a cooperate agreement with the CEO of the blockchain Startup Universa company, Alexander Boronich during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) towards this project.

According to Genkel, the development fund aims at developing a Multilanguage communication platform which will unite all the stakeholders of the tourism sector into a single digital ecosystem.

Through this platform, tourists will easily access any service provider ranging from the suppliers of tourism products and services, tourist transport companies, accommodation and catering facilities to cultural facilities in the region thus increasing efficiency in communication and tourism at large.

In addition, the platform will be able to monitor the activities of the companies in the field of tourism and gather information that will assist in identifying problem areas and solutions to decreasing tourist flow. With this in place, an increase in the number of tourists visiting Yurgar from 500 thousand tourists in 2018 as reported by the regional authorities will be realized.

Startup Universa mentioned that through the Blockchain technology, they are aiming at achieving complete transparency and competence in the field of tourism in the near future. They claimed that this technology would enable tracking of all government grants and investments hence curbing any kind of embezzlement of funds.

It is important to note that there has been earlier venturing into Blockchain technology by the Russian federal government. Despite of the government having contrasting views about crytpocurrency activities in the country, they generally showed a positive view on Blockchain technology by announcing in October 2017 its integration into its land registry system in early 2018.

Later in early November 2017, in his speechat the Kazan Tourism Forum, Russian’sFederal Agency for Tourism head, Oleg Safonov claimed that Blockchain technology has the capability to transform the country’s tourism industry.

“We are absolutely convinced in our federal agency that Blockchain will seriously change the tourism market, although, in our opinion, it will happen not in two years but five to 10 years. This makes the product better in quality, less expensive and also increases the provider’s responsibility for the product.” 

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Over A Hundred Staff Now Reportedly Working On Facebook’s Crypto Project. Fri, 07 Jun 2019 14:09:43 +0000

With only a few days to the launching of the whitepaper of the long awaited Facebook’scrypto, scheduled for June 18th,TechCrunch report, a lot has been said about the massive hiring done by Facebook towards this project. Headed by a former PayPal president, David Marcus, the team is said to have the best of PayPal alumina making 20%.

While speaking at last month’s developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that paying is a very important are of the company and so this project is aimed at making the payment easier as it is sending a photo. More so users will be able to store, trade and exchange the stablecoin for regular currency with so much ease.

This idea has been receiving numerous support from important individuals in the cryptocurrency world, showing how the project is very promising. Mike Novagrats who is the head of Crypto Merchant Bank said that it’s a stunningly important and good thing for the entire space that one of the largest companies in the world believes in cryptocurrency. Another positive comment from Anthony Pompliaoni, the co-founder of Morgan Creek digitals was

“IfFacebook launches the stablecoin they are reportedly building, it will quickly become the most used product in crypto…”

Early this week Facebook released a new wave of blockchain jobs seeking for software engineers, data scientist among other blockchain developers.It was also reported that 100 software engineers were hired for the London base (where the headquarters of what’sapp will be) as well as in small offices inDublin.

With the promising end in mind, Facebook has not at all withholding any kind of resources towards this project. It has sourced organizations to help managing the blockchain technology part of it and will be releasing $ 10million towards this. According to repots by the team, employees working on this project will be paid with this new cryptocurrency. The company is planning to install physical machines similar to ATMs(Automated Teller Machines) where the users can buy currency.

 With the rapidly expanding project team and the large volume of resources pumped into this project one can easily know the future trajectory for this company. There is only one way to find out. There is however always a chance that the launching date could change. One source says that the company is targeting a 2020 launch.

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Cyber Insecurity: Cloning Of Crypto-Trading Website Thu, 06 Jun 2019 11:34:58 +0000

A new website that is spreading crytocurrency malware was recently discovered by Fumiko0_ , a malware researcher and twitter user.

Reportedly, the malware was able to spread because it managed to make itself look like the cryptohopper website,   a site that gives users program tools to perform automatic cryptocurrency trading. Cryptohopper is one of the best trading bot for buying and selling Bitcoin and other altcoin. It can also detect the best position and time either to go long or to go short for traders.

To lure users, Hijackers therefore took advantage of the legal cryptohopper cryptocurrency trading platform. Using the fake site, hackers managed to automatically download a setup.exe installer, which transmitted the virus to the user’s device.  Once the virus infects the device, hacker gained access to user’s cyptocurrencies. The setup panel also exhibited a cryptohopper logo with intention of dodging the users.

The setup-exe installer further installs the clipboard hijacking which is the clipper and Qulab trajon for mining they are then positioned after every one minute in order for them to collect data nonstop. The installer also installs the Vidar information that is therefore used to steal Trajon.

The next step is whereby User data such as browser history, browser payment information, browser cookies, saved login credentials, and also cryptcurrency wallets are later dragged by the Vidar information-stealing trajon, whereby it collect all the significance details needed and  move them to a remote server and later delete the compilation.

The hijackers also own addresses that replaced the available cryptocurrency for ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin cash (BCH), dogecoin (DOGE), litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin gold (BTG) ripple (XRP) and qtum.

Supposedly, one wallet connects with the clipboard hijacking it immediately gain or receive 33 BTC, or $258,335 through the replaced adress’1FFRitFm5Rp5Oy5aeTeDiKpQiWRz278L45,’

The Hijacking may not always be influenced by the cryptohopper scam but may also come from a YouTube-based crypto scam campaign that was discovered back in May. This was as a result of promising users a free BTC generator.

The user is then blinded with the promise and run the supposed to be BTC generator that is automatically downloaded by visited website. Followed by the user’s computers being infected by the Qulab trojanwhich is a virus that later on steals the user information and run the clipper for crypto addresses.

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Crypto Mining Malware Infects Over 50000 Tue, 04 Jun 2019 11:46:35 +0000

Within the last four months, Hackers were able to infect over 50,000 servers using a unique mining malware system. The malware system was previously used to mine for Turtlecoin as one of the cryptojacking campaign known as “Nansh0u Camaign”.

According to research done by  Guardicore Labs a cybersecurity firms, the campaign was detected around early April but has been ongoing for several months now, this has been spreading fast with over 700 new victims per day, across the world with hackers target being the IT sectors, media, telecoms, firms, healthcare.

As the analysis explains:

“Breached machines include over 50,000 servers belonging to companies in the healthcare, telecommunications, media and IT sectors. Once compromised, the targeted servers were infected with malicious payloads. These, in turn, dropped a crypto-miner and installed a sophisticated kernel-mode rootkit to prevent the malware from being terminated.”

In April, similar attack was encountered where by the IP addresses originated from South Africa.  Reportedly, hackers used the same attack and breach method. Reportedly, in every one week about 20 harmful payloads are created and put to use as soon as they are finished. In addition, the malware had rootkits that enabled it to run undetected.

To install the rootkit, hackers used attack severs and a rootkit certificate where later on removed and cancelled. In their report, researchers  stated that the sophisticated tools were written in Chinese language together with the server.

Guardicore added:

“The NanshOu campaign is not a typical crypto-miner attack. It uses technical often seen in APTs (advanced persistent threats) such as fake certificate and privilege escalation exploits. While advanced attack tools have normally been the property of highly skilled adversaries, this campaign shows that these tools can now easily fall into the hands of less than top-notch attackers.”

The firm concluded that the campaign shows that the common- utilizing credentials cannot protect company assets since the hackers can easily access them. The attacker’s process is to seek MS-SQL severs through scanning IP address to open MS-SQL ports. Later on, use force methods to breach exposed machines.

They use thousand common credentials to login to MS-SQL server, once the operation is complete the server’s address, username and password are saved and filed to be used later on.

The campaign demonstrates that using common passwords still comprises the weakest link in today’s attack. The researchers added:

 “Seeing tens of thousands of servers comprises by a simple brute-force attack, we highly recommend that organizations protect their assets with strong credentials as well as network segmentation.”

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