ConsenSys Partners with Two Firms to Develop a Cloud Computing Platform on Blockchain

ConsenSys, a leading firm in the development of DApps in the blockchain sector, has joined forces with two firms to develop W3BCLOUD an independent could based computing platform. The two firms working with ConsenSys are investment firm Halo Holdings based in Abu Dhabi and technology firm AMD.

With each firm bringing in a lot of expertise W3BCLOUD project will be a success. With its 45 years of operation, AMD is bringing to the table its extensive expertise in the technology sector. On the other hand, Halo expertise in closing investments deals globally will be of help to its partners. With the combined skillsets of the two firms combined with ConsenSys skills in developing blockchain infrastructure W3BCLOUD is in good hands.

“We are optimistic that the partnership has great bones with us bringing in our expertise and access to high-performance hardware technologies.” Joerg Roskowetz head of product management blockchain department at AMD “Through W3BCLOUD we will be taking care of the high demand coming from clients from the government and lager cooperation.”

Challenges W3BCLOUD Will Sort

Through W3BCLOUD ConsenSys believes it will get rid of challenges its clients are facing in their day to day working days. Some of the challenges W3BCLOUD will tackle include smart identity health ID and enterprise data centres to supply chain management and licensing.

Other Collaborations

Besides forming a partnership with the two firms above ConsenSys also entered into a memorandum of understanding with a South Korean firm SK Holdings Group. Through the memorandum, the two firms promised to work together towards building a blockchain business enterprise model through smart contracts. Besides the business model, the partners will also create training programs for Korean developers to explore the technology that comes with Ethereum ETH blockchain. Training sessions will be carried out at SK Holdings C&C Tech Training Center and ConsenSys Academy. Apart from AMD working with ConsenSys it also partnered with seven well-established tech firms. The partnership was signed in November setting plans in motion to create eight new cryptocurrency mining rigs. Furthermore working together will also help develop new blockchain solutions to meet the standards brought about by growth in blockchain technology.

With firms expanding their overall network, they are also building on their expertise which will translate to experienced partners working together in W3BCLOUD project which will lead to a successful project.