Cybercriminals are Pushing Malware Using Fake Flash Updates
Cybercrimes have found a new way of pushing malware to their victim’s computers and install XMRig a Monero cryptocurrency mining software. To be able to achieve all this the cybercriminals are using fake URLs which contain real flash updates from official Adobe installer. Furthermore, according to Brad Duncan, a cyber threat intelligence researcher from Unit… (0 comment)

24hours of Hacking Yields Only $15,000
24hours of Hacking Yields Only $15,000 Pigeoncoin cryptocurrency is the recent victim of hacking incidence in which a hacker walked away with $15,000 after spending full day manipulation codes. According to BitecoinTalk forums, the hacker mrsandman1 was busy on 27 September and managed to exploit a previous Bitcoin bug that was fixed. So instead of… (0 comment)

Protecting your Bitcoin holdings – Betbybitcoin Special
With the increase in the Bitcoin price, and hacking attempts on the internet becoming ever more sophisticated, we are writing a special, and once again bring up the subject on protecting your holdings of Bitcoin. There are many ways you can protect your holdings, some are more effective than others. This is long winded, but… (0 comment)