Bitcoin Catches On With Gold Bugs
Kanishka Sukumar, a consultant who works in midtown Manhattan, says his parents often stash money in gold for safekeeping. But the 24-year-old thinks there is a better place for his savings. “In times of financial turmoil, I would prefer to see a portfolio full of bitcoin,” said Mr. Sukumar, who holds about one-third of his… (0 comment)

If you’re thinking about upgrading your PC, be sure to backup every bit of important data on your storage device before making the transition, otherwise you could be out $67,000. Well, probably not, but it did supposedly happen to some poor soul who posted his sad story on Reddit. Posted under the username me_is_idiot, the… (0 comment)

Sydney Stock Exchange Developing Blockchain Trading System
A stock exchange in Australia is developing a private equity market solution using blockchain technology. As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, the Sydney Stock Exchange (SSX) will initially look to facilitate the trade of private stocks, but will eventually open the system up to publicly traded stocks as well. The project brings to mind… (0 comment)

Blockchain thunder network adaptation
Blockchain, the Bitcoin wallet company has announced the alpha release of its latest Thunder Network, a payment channel technology designed to accelerate bitcoin transactions over the blockchain. Call it Bitcoin blockchain on steroids, the Thunder Network was introduced earlier amid the block size debate over Bitcoin’s scalability. Thanks to 1 MB limit on bitcoin blocks, the Bitcoin… (0 comment)