Bitcoin Investment Vehicle Resumes Nasdaq Trading After Acquisition
A bitcoin trading option targeting European investors and listed on Nasdaq Nordic is once again live after the sudden bankruptcy of one of its principal backers. XBT Provider, the operator of Bitcoin Tracker One and Bitcoin Tracker EUR, announced today its acquisition by Global Advisors – a Jersey-based hedge fund specializing in digital currency. With the move, trading in XBT’s… (0 comment)

Ether Hits Record Highs as Price Decouples From Bitcoin
The price of ether, the native digital asset on the Ethereum blockchain, neared $20 for the first time ever on 14th June, approaching the milestone as it appeared to break out of its old trading patterns. In recent weeks, market observers asserted that ether had been displaying a negative correlation, with the older, more established… (0 comment)

US Government Awards $600k in Grants for Blockchain Projects
The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has awarded as much as $600,000 in grants to six companies working on blockchain applications for the government. According to a press release from earlier this week, the department’s Science and Technology Directorate has parceled out $3.1m in grants to 29 small businesses based in the US in… (0 comment)

While the price of bitcoin surged more than 16% between 11th and 12th June, the exact reason for the increase remains a matter of debate. As reported yesterday, market observers have pegged the rally on a wide range of potential inciting factors, including concerns about China’s economic strength, fears of a potential UK exit from the European… (0 comment)