Is Bitcoin’s Price Performance Drawing Mainstream Traders?
With the price of bitcoin at 20-month highs, market observers are beginning to assert the digital currency’s strength could be drawing the interest of new global traders. With many market participants struggling to get returns from more traditional asset classes, investors are now being prompted to look at investments they would not have considered before, such as… (0 comment)

                                                                            What is CSV ? CSV stands for Check Sequence Verify for the Bitcoin scripting system. Pieter Wuille who is core tech engineer in Blockstream with Eric Lombrojo( co-CEO of Ciphrex) and Johnson Lau published new version of segwit.It is the fourth and probably last version of the soft fork Segregated Witness.It is published by… (0 comment)

New Bitcoin Core Update Rolls Out Various Changes
Bitcoin Core v0.12.1rc2 has been tagged on GitHub. This “minor version release” contains several updates to the Core protocol, “including the BIP9, BIP68 and BIP112 softfork, various bugfixes and updated translations.” New Features on Bitcoin Core v0.12.1rc2 Reddit user Keystrike detailed the changes made from the previous version: “Notable changes “First version bits BIP9 softfork… (0 comment)

Bitcoin Exchange Owner Extradited Following Cybercrime Indictment
Two individuals tied to the now-defunct US bitcoin exchange have been extradited to the US from Israel, prosecutors announced today. The US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York announced today that Gery Shalon and Ziv Orenstein have been extradited after being arrested last year. Both appeared in Manhattan court today and… (0 comment)