Review on cloud mining service Nicehash
Nicehash is a Bitcoin cloud mining service and Multipool. Nicehash allows you to rent mining gear which is hosted by the users of Nicehash who are mining on the Multipool. When someone is mining with their own gear using Nicehash, they are mining on the Multipool. If someone rents their rig, they rent the rig… (0 comment)

Keepkey Twitter Account Hacked – Wallets Safe
Keepkey, a respected manufacturer of hardware wallets announced on reddit that their main twitter handle account was compromised. This is to warn users who may be tricked by the hackers who may try and convince them to hand over key details which they would never ask for (i.e wallet seeds) or trick them into entering… (0 comment)

Coinbase hit by class action lawsuit from Cryptsy victims
Coinbase, one of the largest Bitcoin Exchanges and online wallet providers is facing a class action suit from people who lost money when the Cryptsy Exchange failed. This comes after their recent legal battle with the United States IRS. The suit alleges that coinbase aided Cryptsy in stealing the funds by helping them move the… (0 comment)

Protecting your Bitcoin holdings – Betbybitcoin Special
With the increase in the Bitcoin price, and hacking attempts on the internet becoming ever more sophisticated, we are writing a special, and once again bring up the subject on protecting your holdings of Bitcoin. There are many ways you can protect your holdings, some are more effective than others. This is long winded, but… (0 comment)