Blockchain Start Up ‘Wyre’ recieves 5.8 million funding
Wyre, a business aimed at utilizing the blockchain and cryptocurrency for international payments was received 5.8 million as a start up. The goal of Wyre is to enable businesses to take advantage of the ease of digital currency for cross-border payments, without actually handling any of this currency themselves. Wyre uses both the Bitcoin Blockchain… (0 comment)

Zcash price decline ongoing
Zcash, the encrypted cryptocurrency has dropped in price to $40 USD, a new low for the digital currency. Zcash is an encrypted cryptocurrency, designed with privacy in mind, Zcash shot to unfathomable highs on it’s first day of trading, reaching $2 million USD, quickly falling to under $40,000 the same day. The rapid increase in mining rewards,… (0 comment)

Litecoin Community potentially implementing SegWit
There has been talks that the Litecoin Community is considering implementing segregated witness. Segregated Witness allows the lightning network to run and is one of the best proposed fixes for scaling issues. While the Bitcoin community is very divided and is struggling to come to a 95% consensus thus far to implement segregated witness, there… (0 comment)