Per information from local news outlet Focus Taiwan seven Bitcoin crypto scammers who defrauded investors over $51 million have been indicted in a court in Taiwan. Led by 47-year old man formally known as Lin the ring was able to lure investors into their web and walk away with their investments. Over 1000 investors lost… (0 comment)

Blockchain technology is still revolutionizing how we do business and this time around IBM and MineHub have joined hands to work a supply chain management solution for the mining sector. Through blockchain, the firms will get rid of the challenges that come with processing papers manually. With the two firms working towards the same goal… (0 comment)

Through its subsidiary, SBI Crypto Investment SBI Group has made another investment in Breadwinner AG. The latter is the firm behind BRD wallet, a mobile crypto wallet that has gained traction for its crypto wallet. Although the amount injected into Breadwinner AG is unknown, rumor has it to be a significant amount. Breadwinner AG is… (0 comment)