Through its subsidiary, SBI Crypto Investment SBI Group has made another investment in Breadwinner AG. The latter is the firm behind BRD wallet, a mobile crypto wallet that has gained traction for its crypto wallet. Although the amount injected into Breadwinner AG is unknown, rumor has it to be a significant amount. Breadwinner AG is… (0 comment)

At 4:20 AM Indian Time Zone the twitter account of the South African Cricket board was at the center of a scheme to fleece South Africans of their BTC by hackers. After taking over control of the South African Cricket twitter account, the hackers tried to lure South Africans to participate in a bitcoin lottery.… (0 comment)

The cryptocurrency industry has in the past found favor in several South Asian countries but for Malaysia, the situation is unclear to date. As its neighbors continue to forge alliances with the crypto community to leverage opportunities that come with it Malaysia isn’t doing anything. According to Khalid Abdul Samad Minister for Federal Territories, the… (0 comment)

Through rebranding the fourth largest crypto exchange per trading volume, Huobi has just increased its global footprint through a rebranding process between Huobi and HBUS Holdco Inc. the latter was based in San Francisco USA. Through a press release, Huobi announced the ending of its partnership with HBUS and the opening up of a new… (0 comment)