St. Francis Xavier University Are the Recent Victims of Cryptojacking
Before even the dust of the fake adobe flash updates has been used to push malware settles, cybercriminals have unleashed terror on the network of a university in Canada. St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia system was the playground for a cryptojacking excise that led to the university pulling down its network. Cybercriminals are… (0 comment)

Sovereignwallet Adds a New Feature on Its Platform
  Crypto enthusiasts who would love to make quick, safe and secure transactions via mobile devices have something to smile about after SovereignWallet announced the introduction of its new feature M-DEX. Through the use of atomic swap technology, M-DEX will make transactions faster and much safer compared to other platforms. Furthermore, through atomic swap technology,… (0 comment)

Coinbase Custody is now a Limited Purpose Trust Company
After undergoing vigorous tests from the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) Coinbase Custody is now a chartered Limited Purpose Trust Company. Armed with the license, Coinbase Custody can now operate independently from Coinbase Inc. The latter got the charter from the NYDFS under the New York State Banking Law. Coinbase Custody was a… (0 comment)

Mining BTC Gets Church Billed $15,000
  Citizens in Russia and the surrounding regions are lucky because specific companies and private individuals are charged lower electricity rates. With low prices, Russians are getting creative and have put in place crypto mining hardware to utilize the electricity while generating some revenue. In the same fashion, an Evangelical Protestant church in Siberian Federal District… (0 comment)