The storing of evidence by a plaintiff in a blockchain platform has shown the Hangzhou internet court how blockchain technology can be used to solve challenges experienced with evidence file in their courts. This is after a recent case where the plaintiff used blockchain to store evidence and presented it in an Eastern Hangzhou internet… (0 comment)

Electricity supply and cryptocurrency mining go hand in hand, but the latter largely depends on the former. For Abkhazia, its currentwoes aren’t related to the typical problems of getting recognition as an independent country, but it’s all about power. Over the years Soviet Factories left behind in the rocky regions Abkhazia have found new usage… (0 comment)

Crypto players who moved to Hong Kong after mainland China banned cryptocurrencies have to brace themselves for the new rules and regulations coming their way. This is after plans have been set in motion for the Securities and Future Commission to introduce new guidelines to tighten the rules currently in place for the crypto sector… (0 comment)

According to information on local news outlet Caracas Chronicles, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has traded the elderly monthly pensions to the country’s crypto without their consent. This is the recent move by President Maduro to force the use of Petro in his agenda of fighting inflation in Venezuela. Per the government plan, the elderly in… (0 comment)