On the 14 of February 2019, the Bank of Lithuania through its board of management issued new principles for the crypto sector. Although the new policies don’t change the laws previously put in place, it’s opening some areas previously shut by the document released in 2017 October. While the previously released document was defining the… (0 comment)

While other users are contemplating on whether or not to join the crypto space as investors or coin holders as Africans do it. Basing on surveys done by several firms, Africans are leading in the ownership of bitcoins and the likes. Among the many polls is Global Agency Wearesocial and Hootsuite survey which is the… (0 comment)

China is an industrious and technology-based country that is using technology to expand its services and ensure everyone has access to government services. But among the many provinces, Guangdong is spearheading the implementation of blockchain in many ways. And now through blockchain residents of Guangdong will have access to their tax invoices electronically. Mark you… (0 comment)

In the past few two days, social media users over at Reddit have been having serious discussions cornering the closure of Shift Card. Per the email sent to cardholders of Shift Card Coinbase exchange debit card partner will be shutting down their services altogether. From the email, Shift card holders have until the 11 of… (0 comment)