Mining BTC Gets Church Billed $15,000
  Citizens in Russia and the surrounding regions are lucky because specific companies and private individuals are charged lower electricity rates. With low prices, Russians are getting creative and have put in place crypto mining hardware to utilize the electricity while generating some revenue. In the same fashion, an Evangelical Protestant church in Siberian Federal District… (0 comment)

Police in China detain three hackers who made away with 87 million dollars crypto
Chinese policemen arrested three suspects said to have been involved in a hacking incident. The suspects are said to have made away with 87 million dollars worth of crypto currency. This was done to completion via hacking. The police in the northern city of Xian have been tirelessly investigating the case since March when a… (0 comment)

Availing Crypto Currency across the globe
It is on the lips of the public. Day in day out Bitcoin a major currency hit the news heads. Creating a signal that crypto currency has hit the roots of the public. With this however, it is not the rate at which crypto currency is used by the public. Just like everyone wants to… (0 comment)

Government Ban Fuels Underground Cryptocurrency Trading in India
Since the ban on cryptocurrency, traders in India have resulted to underground crypto trade to buy or sell their favorite coins. The efforts of the Indian governments seem to have bore little fruit as cryptocurrency trade in the country continues to grow. Traders have resulted to Dabba trading which according to reports, is trading outside… (0 comment)