Segwit2x Hard Fork Cancelled
The SegWit2x Hard Fork has been cancelled. This had intended to increase the block size to 2MB while keeping SegWit. With the hard fork that we have just had implementing SegWit, it was an opportunity for  a good scaling solution to be implemented, and it was not. They feared a chain split and a divide… (0 comment)

BitLogic – – Fair Cryptocurrency Betting Site Review
Introduction BitLogic is a newly founded crypto betting website. This is designed as stated by the developers, as a fair CryptoCurrency betting platform which can be used to trade Forex, Stocks, Indices and Commodities using cryptocurrency. This is not just limited to Bitcoin, but allows deposits in many of the most well known cryptocurrencies, including… (0 comment)

Bitcoin Transaction Fees Unsustainable for Small Payments
The current crowing of the main Bitcoin Network is having knock-on effects. The high transaction fees of Bitcoin, sometimes with a fee of 5 US Dollars not confirming for over 24 hours, this is a sign that the network is struggling to handle the load of transactions. If Bitcoin is to be used on a… (0 comment)