Financial experts urge the public to be wary on investing on cryptocurrency.
An expat who had invested in cryptocurrency using a bank loan warns others of the risks involved in investing in cryptocurrency. The French man started investing in cryptocurrency in September 2017 after hearing about it on work’s whats app group. This went very well as he made three or four times his investment. Filled with… (0 comment)

RBI worries over the results of banning Cryptocurrency
Regulators in India directed on April 6th that all lenders should close down all accounts of cryptocurrency exchangers and traders. They were to also wind up their relationship with them within a three month period. Reasons for the ban The reserve bank of India stated that even though there haven’t been risks that have been… (0 comment)

Iran Gives Details Of Its National Cryptocurrency
The Republic of Iran reportedly announced its plans to launch its own national cryptocurrency. The Iranian government started arrangements to create its own cryptocurrency in an attempt to avoid sanctions imposed by the unites states earlier this year. Iran’s economy is on the verge of collapsing following the recent sanctions passed by the United States. … (0 comment)

First Cryptocurrency project in Kenya
In Africa, blockchain technology has been slowly adopted, with South Africa recording the highest number of users in blockchain technology. Kenya has not been left behind in embracing the blockchain technology. The major areas that have shown interest in the technology is in economic and political development. Recently, the chairman of Kenya Independent Electoral and… (0 comment)