ATM’s catalyzing the growth of Crypto Currency
To begin with, this is how crypto currency works, when one needs to exchange his/her digital assets for a fiat currency, the individual only requires a cell phone. With lots of simplicity involved, the user is only required to download the “coinsource currency wallet” app to send and receive bitcoins by scanning a QR code… (0 comment)

Availing Crypto Currency across the globe
It is on the lips of the public. Day in day out Bitcoin a major currency hit the news heads. Creating a signal that crypto currency has hit the roots of the public. With this however, it is not the rate at which crypto currency is used by the public. Just like everyone wants to… (0 comment)

Goldman Sachs to set up a Bitcoin Fund
It has been confirmed that Goldman Sachs is taking its greatest leap into the crypto space yet. The Wall Street banking giant is set to hold cryptos on behalf of funds betting in bitcoin. For a while, speculations have been rife that Wall Street has its eyes on cryptocurrencies, an idea that spurn from Goldman… (0 comment)