A  Blockchain Multidisciplinary Research Center Gets Approved By the FFG
  The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) has just approved the creation of a multidisciplinary blockchain center in Vienna Australis. Under its legal mandate of coordinating the operations of COMET Centers in the country, the FFG has approved the formation of the Austrian Blockchain Center ABC. The blockchain industry in Australia has received a significant… (0 comment)

Switzerland Cantonal Court Orders Liquidation of Cryptocurrency Mining Firm Envion AG
An ICO conducted by Cryptocurrency Mining Firm Envion AG has led to the Cantonal Court in Switzerland to order for its liquidation after the founders disagreed and ran to the court for assistance. Envion AG was a mining firm that was crafted out of an idea of mining cryptocurrency on mobile trailers mining units through… (0 comment)

Temporary Liquidator Appointed To Liquidate Assets of Firm Led By Moshe Hogeg
A petition filed in court by 17 shareholders of IDC Investdotcom Holding has led to the Tel Aviv court appointing a temporary liquidator. The 17 had filed a petition alleging that Moshe Hogeg director of DC Investdotcom Holding has embezzled funds raised from two ICOs resulting to the company becoming insolvent. According to the petition… (0 comment)