40 Households to Sell and Buy Solar Power on a Blockchain Platform in Australia
  At least 40 families will participate in a trial based blockchain platform that has kicked off in Fremantle Australia and will be selling and buying solar power from each other. The solar project is from Power Ledger a renewable energy oriented crypto firm. A fixed residential utility tariffs coupled with a billing system have… (0 comment)

Entities Can Now Create Sub-Accounts at Binance Exchange
It’s yet another time that Binance has gone the extra mile of making its customers feel at home with its new features allowing entities to set up 200 sub-accounts and have control over them. Through its new features, institutional clients at Binance can set up 200 accounts and maintain control over the accounts. Through this… (0 comment)

Cryptojacking Attacks on MikroTik Routers Doubles
Cybercriminals across the globe have made MikroTik routers their permanent ground for infecting users with crypto-jacking malware since summer. Due to their found love in infecting Latvian network routers the number of affected routers has doubled from a mere 280,000 in September to now 415,000 routers. According to security researcher VriesHd, the infected routers are… (0 comment)