Class Action Suit Combines Previous Cases Filed Against Bitconnect
The recent troubles of BitConnect platform have once again sprouted up massively after a Class Action suit was filed in U.S District Court in Southern District of Florida. This time round BitConnect will have to answers to allegations of running a Ponzi scheme. Furthermore, all the cases previously filed in the court will be consolidated… (0 comment)

Zebpay Goes Global After Exiting India
The ban on cryptocurrency by governments has once again led to a major exchange closing down its doors and move overseas. This time round Zebpay a popular exchange platform in India with over 3 million users had to close down due to the recent ban by the RBI. Through the circular local banks under the… (0 comment)

Gibraltar Give Licence to Coinfloor Crypto Exchange 
Coinfloor a company formed in 2013 is the first cryptocurrency exchange platform to receive the legal papers to be in operations in Gibraltar. After a vigorous investigation of its system Coinfloor is glad to announce it can now offer its services to people in Gibraltar. In a bid to attract foreign start-ups to do business… (0 comment)

Mining BTC Gets Church Billed $15,000
  Citizens in Russia and the surrounding regions are lucky because specific companies and private individuals are charged lower electricity rates. With low prices, Russians are getting creative and have put in place crypto mining hardware to utilize the electricity while generating some revenue. In the same fashion, an Evangelical Protestant church in Siberian Federal District… (0 comment)