NETELLER Users Can Now Trade In Cryptocurrency
Digital wallet users of NETELLER have something to smile about after Paysafe Group added a new feature that enables them to trade in cryptocurrency. Through the in wallet feature consumers can buy, sell or hold cryptocurrency in their NETELLER wallets. Besides NETELLER Skrill users are already using the in feature to trade in cryptocurrency. The… (0 comment)

Gelfman Blueprint Inc. Fined $2.5 Million
  For the first time, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) anti-fraud enforcement action work has led to a company been fined for its involvement in relating to Bitcoin. The case against New York investment firm Gelfman Blueprint was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on 21st… (0 comment)

Petro Gets Listed On Six Crypto Exchanges in Venezuela
According to local media outlets, crypto enthusiasts in Venezuelans can now trade in the Petro. According to the government website, six cryptocurrency exchanges in Venezuela have been given the go-ahead to list the coins. The six exchange will facilitate the marketing, buying and selling of Petro coins. News of the currency going live on the… (0 comment)

Class Action Suit Combines Previous Cases Filed Against Bitconnect
The recent troubles of BitConnect platform have once again sprouted up massively after a Class Action suit was filed in U.S District Court in Southern District of Florida. This time round BitConnect will have to answers to allegations of running a Ponzi scheme. Furthermore, all the cases previously filed in the court will be consolidated… (0 comment)