Mining BTC Gets Church Billed $15,000
  Citizens in Russia and the surrounding regions are lucky because specific companies and private individuals are charged lower electricity rates. With low prices, Russians are getting creative and have put in place crypto mining hardware to utilize the electricity while generating some revenue. In the same fashion, an Evangelical Protestant church in Siberian Federal District… (0 comment)

Cybercriminals are Pushing Malware Using Fake Flash Updates
Cybercrimes have found a new way of pushing malware to their victim’s computers and install XMRig a Monero cryptocurrency mining software. To be able to achieve all this the cybercriminals are using fake URLs which contain real flash updates from official Adobe installer. Furthermore, according to Brad Duncan, a cyber threat intelligence researcher from Unit… (0 comment)

Bitcoin Scammer Passport Revoked
A Thai crypto scammer will have to spend more days in the US after the Thai Embassy revoked his passport. Mr. Prinya Jaravijit alongside others were implicated in a Bitcoin investment scheme in which a Finish investor lost $24 million. His passport was rendered useless making him unable to return to his homeland to answer… (0 comment)