The Financial Technology industry in India has urged the bank regulators to review the cryptocurrency ban. Entrepreneurial ventures and the industry’s association groups have petitioned Reserve Bank to integrate enforcement regulators for Fintech startups that are not protected by current regulations. The regulatory sandboxes are being used in the technology industry. They are used to… (0 comment)

Belfast the capital city of Northern Ireland has launched local Bitcoin for exchange of local goods and services. Scientific investigation is taking place before introducing, which the council expects to attract more investors. Belfast Bitcoin Motivates Spending Less Colu an Israel firm introduced the Belfast cryptocurrency for local citizens to spend and generally contribute to… (0 comment)

Germany is a powerful country and has strong economy, ranked fourth in the world by its economic output. An order from government financial system allows buying goods and service with digital currency without taxation. This creates conducive environment to set up new businesses related to cryptocurrency. In a press release dated May 13th, German state… (0 comment)